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Advantages for conducting clinical trials in Bulgaria managed by UniMR

Rapid start-up

  • The regulatory approval process is well defined. The average approval time in Bulgaria is between 75 and 90 days. Our project teams are concentrated in rapid initiation of all centres after approval by the Competent Authority. We aim at an average time of 20-30 days between the approval date and the first subject included in the country.

Fast patient recruitment

  • Large patient populations are available in most therapeutic fields. Bulgarian Investigators are motivated to prove that they can successfully fulfil their commitments within the agreed timelines and at the highest quality standards.

Excellent quality

  • The excellence in quality is proven by the positive results from international independent audits and local regulatory inspections.

Qualified monitoring resources

  • All our monitors are physicians trained in ICH-GCP. This enables perfect communication with the Investigators and high quality standards in the monitoring process.

Financial advantage

  • Compared with Western and Central Europe we can offer lower costs for investigators fees and CRO services without compromising quality.

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