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  • The pharmaceutical company BestaMed donated 1020 packs of hydroxychloroquine to the Ministry of Health to combat COVID-19 BestaMed donated 1020 packs of hydroxychloroquine

  • Bulgaria, Sofia

    Bulgarian Healthcare System

    There is a wide network of big university and regional hospitals with all facilities for management of medical diseases at a modern and highly qualified level. Our study sites are usually based at these institutions. There is also a network of specialized hospitals for Psychiatry, Neurology, Oncology, Heart Diseases and Pediatrics. The health insurance system is stable and covers all the citizens of the country. Clinical studies under ICH-GCP have been performed in Bulgaria for the last 10 years. Over 160 clinical trials were approved for conducting in Bulgaria in 2004. Most of them are international multicentre studies sponsored by differnt pharmaceutical companies.

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    Bulgarian Ministry of Health

    National Health Insurance Fund

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